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Since 1881, Singhanias has been a one-stop fashion shop for innovative fabrics, sarees, dress materials. The shortage of textile in Hyderabad during the Nizam’s rule was the right amount of spark needed to instigate our Great Grandfather Seth Nand Lal Ji had an existing jewelry business, went to Basara and imported pearls from there. His knowledge and prowess in pearls made him hands on the winner.

In 1926, he started textiles business with his brother Seth Rameshwar Das Ji and specialized in the sale of rich textiles. His son Seth Jaykaran Das Ji was appointed as a textile distributor from 1939-45 by His Excellency H.E.H Nizam Mir Usman Ali, for the entire Nizam state and was rewarded for his successful services. Special Stamps were issued during 1939 to 1945, exclusively owned by the Singhanias.

When India gained independence in 1947, the Nizam declared his intention to remain independent, either as a sovereign ruler or by acquiring Dominion status within the British Empire. In order to keep essential trade and supplies flowing, he signed a Standstill Agreement with the Indian Union which surrounded him on all sides As the violence spiraled out of control with refugees flowing into the coastal Andhra region of the Madras state of India, the Indian Government under Home Minister Sardar Patel initiated a police action titled Operation Polo. This called a brief period of hiatus for Singhania textiles, but this did not bog down the Singanias, who returned to start the division from scratch in Hyderabad.

After the Nizam rule, Seth Jugal Kishor Agarwal Ji continued the legacy. They started the procurement & manufacturing textiles from mills in Ahmadabad and Bombay. Mr.Yogendar Kumar Ji set up a small mill in Hyderabad that supplied textiles all over the state and now Mr. Sailesh Agarwal is taking the legacy further.

The New Generation led by Mr.Sailesh Agarwal stepped into fabrics business in the same year. Mr. Sailesh Agarwal personally felt that handlooms are a luxury and propagated the idea amongst the niche clientele.

Handloom, or fabric woven by hand, makes up just over a tenth of India’s total fabric production. A spectacular range is created by weavers across the country, their craft is in danger of extinction because of the increasing prevalence of power looms. After all, why put all the time into creating masterfully by hand when you can speed up the process with massive humming machines? While Indian handlooms are being celebrated the world over, back home in Andhra Pradesh, weaver suicides continue due to abject poverty and lack of avenues to better their living conditions. This is where Mr.Sailesh Agarwal has stepped in to hold his hand out to help the weavers.

Hyderabad based designer Mr. Sailesh, charted his own course, created his own designs and scripted his own success story by introducing sarees into the mix.

He and his team put together eye-catching designs and patterns on imported handlooms that reflected India s glorious culture and tradition. And each piece of cloth has a story to tell.The result, beautiful range of fabrics, sarees and dress materials which not only found a ready market in India, but also in the competitive markets of Milan, Paris, London, New York and other hot spots of the fashion world.

Singhanias Now

Heritage monuments and buildings as an inheritance, passed on from generations, reflect a rare magnanimity in the family. Singhanias is a treasure of unimaginable value; primarily because it draws us back to history and inspires by the sheer perseverance and immaculate dedication with which our ancestors built it to perfection, making it last for centuries.

But it’s an irony that we, the Generation Now, tend to forget their journey. Considering the heavy commercialization, the need of the day is to ensure that these heritage textiles (handlooms) are revived. Our ability to spot trends and emerging technologies and translate them into unique fabrics have captivated generations of fashion conscious women.

Telangana is the home to some of the finest historical cloth making/fashion and dying traditions of the world. Singhanias has, created a culture of innovation and impeccable integrity that has helped us to find new possibilities, and earned a reputation for quality, service, versatility and expertise. We take immense pride at Singhanias, in keeping the handlooms and new trend hand in hand, by additions of fresh design from time to time keeping in mind our distinct heritage of over 130 years.

Singhanias pragmatic approach to merchandising remains the same till date, which has endeared us to our customers. Most of our business is repeated from our valued customers, who have been with us since inception 130 years before

Today, SINGHANIAS are a thriving group with expanding interests in diverse industries. The new line under the name of VIKRANT & SAILESH SINGHANIA Prêt Couture has been launched to serve the ever-demanding clientele.

Gandhi Ji once quoted "Do spin and spin after due deliberation. Let those who spin wear khaddar and let no one who wears (khadi) fail to spin. 'Due deliberation' means realization that charkha or act of spinning is the symbol of non-violence. Ponder; it will be self-evident."(28-3-1945, Sevagram).

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